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What better way to thank your child’ s teacher this Valentine’s Day but to give a gift basket of natural handmade soap.

Basket comes with one bar of soap and a pouf. Simple but sweet. It will be more appreciated then the mass produced gifts that have no love behind the making of them.


About the soap:

A warm fall fragrance that embodies the crisp scents of falling leaves and woods. Cedar, mountain pine, and golden aspen are blended with the fresh scent of berries, sage, and clove. This is a two butter and goats milk soap.
Ingredients: aloe vera, olive oil, sal butter, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, palm kernel oil flakes, hemp oil, castor oil, goats milk powder, sodium (for hardness), sugar/cane (for lather), kaolin clay, oatmeal/finely ground, fragrance, poppy seeds.
Weight .13 lbs


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