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I would like to introduce myself and what it is that l am passionate about….

I am just a small time crafter that loves to make soap & other skincare products. I love sewing plush animals & seeing the smiles that they bring to a child’s face.

All my life l had problem skin. I went to many doctors, used so many different creams my head spun. So that’s how my journey into skincare products began. It took a lot of research, attending some classes, watching so many youtube videos. So l came up with recipes using nourishing oils and butters. I stopped using commercial detergent soaps all together & only used my soaps. That’s when my skin began to change for the better.

At first l only made soap. It was years and a lot more research before l began to make lotion & body creams. It took me two years of trial & error to come up with one that nourished my skin but left no greasy after feel.

All l know is that my soaps and lotions work for me and many, many others that have purchased and used my products.

From soaps & lotions l began a few other items. Not many, just a few. What got me into sewing hippos l cannot recall. It just seemed one day l was just sewing them. I branched out to elephants. I called it Hippo Alley. I even wrote a book about hippo alley. I self print & assemble the book myself.

I hope that this helps to explain the why’s that l am about. I am always open to questions.


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